četrtek, 03. januar 2008

A picture from Me

These picture was taken in autumn 2007 near my home. I was going for a walk and as usual I had my camera with me. The sun was going down and I was in shade of a hill. But there was still sunshine on other mountains. I found a puddle, because it was raining a day before, and it was nice clearly sky. So here it is: a perfect spot to do a good picture. All I had to do was to took my camera and make a shoot. Of course the picture was a little bit corrected in Photoshop, but just a little, and here it is.

When you want to photograph but you don't find a motive just open your eyes, because everything is interesting for photographer, even those things that you use every day. Just
let your imagination work and results will be amazing :) .

sreda, 12. december 2007

Me and Photography

My hobby is photography. I like taking photos of different things. I very enjoy photographing nature and animals, because there are so many motives. But if you want to take a good photo you must know some photography basics. I learned many things from books and magazines and I also get some advices from a photographer that I met on holidays. It is not just like pressing the trigger. Your success don't depend just on your camera. You must find the perfect light and place to take the perfect photography. I now use CANON Power Shot S3 compact camera, but I hope that I will soon buy a new D-SLR (Digital - Single Lens Reflection) camera. These cameras are professional, so I want to leave compact cameras and start with ''real'' photography equipment.

These is my current compact camera
CANON Power Shot S3.

And these is D-SLR camera that I am planing to buy.

If you are buying a new camera but you don't know what to look for, ore you just want to know how digital camera works, you can look on these site to find out:


četrtek, 15. november 2007

Picture from Flickr

I like these picture, because it have very nice colours and composition. I like taking photos,
so I know how hard it is to find a perfect spot to take a perfect photo.

Photo credit: Johntrainor
Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/trainor/399722666/

petek, 26. oktober 2007

My Settlement

I live in settlement which name is Podklopca. It lies 5 Km away from Bovec in Bovec valley, near famous Soča river and waterfall Boka, which is only 400m away from my house. There are 14 houses and 45 inhabitants in these settlement. My uncle have a restaurant with many different tipes of food. The restaurants name is Žvikar and lies close by road to Bovec. There are beautiful hills and mountains around my house. Their names are Rombon, Svinjak kobariški Stol and Polovnik. In the history, there was World War I in Bovec valley so you can still see remainings of these war. I have some weapons from these war at home too, because these is our history and we must not forget it. However Bovec valley is very interesting for tourists, because they can do rafting, canyoning, climbing, cycling and many more. The Americans were filming the new part of Narnia these summer and it was very interesting to see how they do it (I was watching them from the hill because they didn´t let us in). They choose Bovec valley because of the river Soča, which have green-blue colour. Bovec valley is very beautiful in autumn. You should come and see it by yourself. You wont be disappointed.
Me and Internet

I started using the Internet in elementary school, when I was 13 years old. It was Dial-up connection which was very slow. My first e-mail account was on SIOL and it was very exciting because it was something new in that time. In the beginning I used Internet just for looking pictures, e-mails and for school work. Now I have new e-mail account on Gmail and my own blog on web. I don´t have Internet connection at home, because we are to far away from telephone exchange. I am now in students home and I hope that they will repair connection in it so I will have access to Internet 24 hours a day. That will be all about me and my experience with Internet.

torek, 16. oktober 2007

About me

Hi. My name is Uroš and I come From a small settlement of Podklopca near Bovec in North-West part of Slovenia. I´m 20 years old and I have two brothers, one younger and one older. I study Mechatronics on Technical School Center in Nova Gorica. In my free time I like walking in nature, taking photos of it and going out with friends. I like animals since I was a child, so we have a big dog at home. I don´t like sports very much, but I adore mountains so if I have time, I go walking in mountains. When it rains and I have to stay at home, I like to read a good book, listen to music (rock music) or play computer games. But sometimes I go walking even if it rains.